The inReach Difference: Interactive SOS

A true connection when you need it the most

inReach provides interactive SOS, giving you two-way communication with GEOS, the world leader in emergency monitoring and response with experts standing by 24/7/365 to respond.

When GEOS receives your SOS, they’ll track your device, notify the proper contacts and emergency responders in your area and continue to text back and forth with you, providing updates until your situation is resolved. This is a level of service not offered by one-way devices such as Globalstar SPOT™, PLBs and EPIRBs.

For every SOS alert sent, you’ll get a confirmation that your message was received and that rescuers have been notified. How’s that for peace of mind?

What if I accidentally push the SOS button?

Interactive SOS also means that you can cancel an SOS if needed. The SOS button on inReach is safely locked to prevent false alarms, but if you press it by mistake or if your emergency gets resolved, you can let GEOS know and they will cancel the emergency on your behalf. The inReach SOS button is RTCM SC-128 compliant and supports one-handed gloved operation.

What Happens When I Push the SOS Button?

inReach has been amazing addition to my life! It’s given massive comfort to my family to be able to communicate with them when I am remote. Thanks! Love it!

– Gus Cormack