Garmin inReach® Enterprise Solutions
for Work Alone Safety

Garmin inReach: Award-winning work alone employee safety solution

For employers concerned with keeping track of the safety of multiple lone workers or coordinating team logistics in remote locations, inReach® devices offer enhanced peace of mind through affordable global connectivity.

Employees can carry less equipment and do so much more with greater peace of mind than ever before.

Like prior models of inReach, the new inReach+ devices from Garmin® offer 100% global Iridium satellite coverage for two-way messaging, GPS tracking, and interactive SOS alerting anywhere in the world. Unlike the previous DeLorme devices, the inReach SE®+ now includes basic navigation features and the inReach Explorer®+ adds preloaded DeLorme topographic maps on-screen for a complete all-in-one backcountry communication and navigation experience. The optional weather forecast service ensures that your staff will know what to expect at or on-route to their destination.

With a paired, compatible mobile device, the inReach SE+ and Explorer+ can sync with the free Earthmate® app to view maps on a larger screen and for easier typing when sending and receiving text messages. With the app users can access unlimited maps, aerial imagery, and U.S. NOAA charts.

Used with the Enterprise web-based monitoring application and an inReach Enterprise Pro Plan, inReach SE+ and inReach Explorer+ are an affordable means of addressing employer duty of care to check on the well-being of employees working alone.

inReach Enterprise

For employers using inReach for work alone safety

The Enterprise web app was designed with professionals in mind.

The secure cloud-based portal provides centralized management of inReach devices deployed to employees in the field, making it easy to view positions and tracks of inReach users anywhere in the world on a high-detail topographic map display and much more.

inReach Enterprise Brochure

Enterprise Plan Pricing

Features of inReach Enterprise

* GEOS monitoring and dispatch services are included at no extra cost.

Team Tracking Features

Team Tracking enables groups of inReach users to track each other in the field using inReach paired with a smartphone.

Key features:

  • Supports many-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many tracking scenarios
  • Broadcast a message to the entire team
  • Admin tools to activate and manage team tracking usage

Learn how to enable Team Tracking for inReach Enterprise.

“Managers now enjoy easy communication with the field staff and can rest easy knowing where everyone is, and that they can contact us if required.”

– Shane L., RTL

Alternative monitoring app

GeoPro logo

Complete work alone alert monitoring solution

The inReach devices are also compatible with the GeoPro web monitoring app offered by Roadpost. Similar to the Enterprise web app, GeoPro supports: in-house monitoring of alerts or use of GEOS* alert monitoring services; a choice of tracking interval; an online account and an API.

Uniquely, GeoPro offers employers robust control to:

  • Schedule and monitor check-ins, and check-in reminders
  • Monitor and respond to a range of safety alerts including: emergency, missed checkin, man down, excessive speed, and crossed geofence events*
  • Utilize GEOS to monitor a variety of events and alerts, not just emergencies*
  • Choose their preferred web map for the monitoring interface
  • Access detailed incident reports
  • Monitor a range of satellite- or cellular-based lone worker devices in a single dashboard

* GEOS services are included at no extra cost.
Note: Use of GeoPro requires a GeoPro subscription. View the compatibility details for inReach devices

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In our business, communication is key, and the two-way messaging feature of inReach adds additional features to our operating plan. Once set up, the Enterprise features are intuitive to administer and [offers] one place to manage the devices.

– Yamnuska Mountain Adventures