Endurance athlete Sarah Seads is a lover of all things wild.  Spending most of her time outdoors, she competes in ultra distance running, adventure racing and mountain biking events around the world.  When it comes to staying safe on the trail, Sarah relies on the DeLorme inReach Explorer two-way satellite communicator.

“Travelling in the backcountry provides us with new and exciting experiences,” said Sarah in her blog.  “But it takes additional preparation and precautions to ensure we return home safe and happy at the end of the day.”

This summer, she is bound for Iceland with her team of eight ELM (Equilibrium Lifestyle Management) athletes to compete in the Laugavegur Ultra Marathon, a challenging 55 km course that will take them through high alpine glaciers and waist deep river crossings – some of the country’s most spectacular terrain.  This marathon is not without risk, and inReach Explorer will serve as her safety net in case of emergency.

“I don’t go far off the grid without it,” explains Sarah, who prefers inReach to one-way devices because it is capable of both sending and receiving text messages, and the SOS button enables her signal for help in the event of an emergency.

When she returns from Iceland, she’ll of the Vancouver Island Spine Trail, a 700 km journey from Victoria to Cape Scott, in an effort to raise funds to support the Vancouver Island Spine Trail Association (VISTA).

“They are getting so close to completing the trail, and I want to help them by promoting the project, encouraging people to explore sections of the trail and asking for their support by donating funds, volunteering time or sharing the word about this great trail,” said Sarah.

As a Kinesiologist and coach, Sarah trains athletes both online and in person for life, sport and adventure through her company, Equilibrium Lifestyle Management.  What drives her ambitions, she says, is a love of life.

“Life is short but sweet,” said Sarah, “and I am driven by the wicked sands of time to do more, see more and explore more while I can.  I am absolutely in love with this beautiful life.  I truly can’t get enough.   I want to look back and be able to say I have no regrets…I want to know I lived.”

Sarah shares her adventures on her blog, Wild Seads, with the hope of inspiring others to live large and reach for their dreams.

Visit Sarah Seads’s blog.