“A life worth dreaming is a life worth living” is their motto and they are taking it to heart! Travelling around the world and capturing every moment along the way, couple Roberto and Bella are living a life most of us only dream of. We had the chance to Roberto a few questions – read along and prepare to be inspired!

Have you always had a case of the wanderlust?

Absolutely! Since the age of 16, I’ve just grabbed my gear and headed out to explore. I always loved going to canoeing camp as a kid. When I first got my driving licence, the first thing I did was to grab my canoe, throw it on the roof of the truck and head for Quebec’s Northern lakes and rivers.

Why did you decide to share your journey? Did you ever imagine that you would get 100,000 followers?

I’ve always loved taking photos, more so out of the desire to freeze the moment in time in order to relish it later than an artistic penchant. With the advent of Facebook, more people had eyes on my pictures and we decided to make the most of it. We started to post photos that nobody except my mom had seen before. Family, then friends would tell us how great our adventures were. Then strangers started to give us kudos as well. That’s when we knew that we were on to something!


How has technology impacted the way you travel?

If it wasn’t for the advent of social media, our lifestyle probably wouldn’t possible. That’s one giant leap in communications technology. Our inReach device is indeed another. Over the years we went from having no emergency beacon, to having a one-way device, to now being able to send and receive messages anywhere in the world.  A lot of the gear we use (like tents and sleeping bags) has also advanced by leaps and bounds—allowing us to push the limits of the harshest weather conditions.

You’ve manage to accomplish so many adventures! Does this lifestyle require a lot of planning? How much do you improvise?

It depends on the adventure—long trips require a lot more planning than a quick four-day stint in the mountains. Still, I would normally say half is improvised and half is planned.


What is your “hidden gem” destination?

One of our favourite destinations is Yellowknife in Canada’s Northwest Territories. We were there in August and September—and the Northern Lights roared above us almost every night. As for a tropical destination: Sian Ka’an Reserve on the outskirts of Tulum in Mexico. You can watch turtles laying their eggs overnight, get great surf for kiting and have long swaths of beach all to yourself.

What adventures do you dream of having next?

Skiing in Japan. Kayaking in Norway. Kiteboarding in the Maldives.

We think Canada has much to offer in terms of adventures. What’s your favourite place to explore in your home country?

Trick question – there are so many to choose from! For the Northern Lights, Yellowknife. For Polar Bears, Churchill. For Canoe Camping, Quebec. For skiing and boarding, Whistler.


We sure are inspired! What advice would you give to someone wanting to live a similar lifestyle?

Do your homework before you take the leap. Understand the risks of where you are going and be prepared. Know your limits. Stay connected. We’ve been in many precarious situations—and we’ve learned that having the right gear is tantamount to staying alive.


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