Dave Norona giving the thumbs up while hiking.For the last 23 years I have spent the majority of my time in the great outdoors exploring the magical trails, open oceans, and beautiful mountains throughout the world as a professional adventurer! 400 hundred epic races including 4 Eco-Challenges and one insane race that had us cross country skiing 1800km from Anchorage to Nome Alaska along the famous Iditarod Trail! The majority of these events have all taken place well away from cell coverage or any other link to the outside world.

I guess the thing that has changed these days as I explore the backcountry by mountain bike, skis, snowmobiles, dirt bikes and trials bikes is that I never leave home with out the essential equipment that I hope to never use but am glad I have in case the crap hits the fan!

Yes I am talking about the 10 Essentials of any explorer, which include:

  • A Knife
  • Fire Starter
  • Extra Food/Water
  • First Aid Kit
  • Whistle
  • Head Lamp
  • Sun Protection
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Navigation/Communication Device

I know to some this sounds like over kill and would weigh you down however I pride myself with making my emergency essentials super light and small but effective!

I guess the biggest change in my equipment has been the use of the inReach two-way Satellite Communicator. This small but effective device has blown me away with how powerful and fun a tool it is!

I started using one when a couple of my adventures had gone wrong and I was very late arriving back into cellular coverage. Both times my lovely girlfriend was up worried sick ready to call in the cavalry. Then for Christmas a friend bought me the inreach System as he uses it in all his companies Sea Plane’s. I went right to work with the easy set up which allows the user to send messages back to multiple e-mails from any where on the planet due to its effective global satellite coverage, and upon testing it on a few trips I was blown away. My girlfriend Kim was equally blown away when she got an e-mail showing that I was fine and my exact location, pretty awesome!

The power of the inReach increases when you pair it with your iphone or android phone. Now I can send text messages to Kim and receive responses as well as track my adventures and send messages through twitter or facebook which updates my sponsors, family and friends of where, how and what I am experiencing in one short write up!

If one of my adventures ever goes horribly wrong I also know that the proper people can be messaged immediately. The inReach system is something I now never leave home without and any adventurer out there who enjoys the backcountry should have one of these little gems in their pack!

Happy Adventuring!

Dave Norona
Norona Life